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S.R.C. Network works through a solid organization of associated members, each skilled on specific areas of activity, for a global scouting and sourcing for Companies wishing to optimize a supply chain and competitivity on markets targeted to excellence of products, of design and solutions allowing for maximum flexibility and reduced risk.
Suppliers and manufacturers are identified by the Network on the basis of a rigid and targeted benchmark strategy coming from a proprietary know-how based on specific areas and criteria of intelligence, all connected to direct personal relationships and knowledge built in years of activity and experiences by the Team members.
These persons have been first customers then suppliers and finally advisors with experiences developed on a worldwide basis: this is why clients can rely successfully on our organization.
S.R.C. Network, depending on the needs, can support its client either as an outsourcing partner or as a full-service resource and it will function as the main contact, attending supply project briefings and monitoring sessions all the way through fieldwork completion with detailed data reporting.
When requested by its client, S.R.C. Network can also supply specific products or materials to speed up delivery time when needed.
S.R.C. Network  continues to develop an international work in order to meet client demand and expectations and has appointed Company representatives in Saudi Arabia and in China, considered among the most demanding markets for the services offered.

Projects and activities realized
Inspection at supplier warehouse

Our business is about making our clients' businesses better. SRC Network does this by understanding their needs and making them harnessing the Team skills and experiences so that the solutions provided can reflect the full range of the Team expertise.

New challenges

For 15 years the positive results in industrial sectors of S.R.C. Engineering, a consulting Company mainly focused on ceramic building materials, has prompted the Company to expand the skills and capabilities and, as consequence, to enter new sectors by means of a branch specifically organized for this: SRC Network.
Some of our clients have encouraged us to bring our standard approach to a wider portfolio of challenges, and we have been eager to diversify our business to the benefit of our growth. We have also aimed to develop relationships with leading suppliers companies in the various sectors we have entered to ensure the results that our customers expect from us. Our commitment to sharing knowledge, experiences and relationships, developed in more than 60 years of activity in industrial processes, is the driving force at the basis of SRC Network daily activity.

Commercial agrreement in Saudi Arabia
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