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Suppliers Scouting, Selection and Monitoring

Suppliers Scouting, Selection and Monitoring

On the basis of the request and by understanding the client needs thanks to its experiences, the Network starts the survey and scouting for supplier or service matching the expectation. Only reliable manufacturers with particular production and technical capabilities or readiness to supply products and subassemblies as viable components of supply chains associated with the production and delivery of manufactured goods based upon mature or emerging technologies are considered.

Suppliers Selection

The very first step for the Supplier Qualification is made by our Team of supply chain and operations experts who conduct comprehensive on-site assessments followed by routine visits and meetings to understand the inner workings and organization of the identified suppliers. Each meeting is designed with the individual client's specific needs in mind. This service, completely integrated part of SRC Network standard action is conducted regularly at supplier’s site. Visits reports are presented after the on-site meetings with notes and details helpful for the project.

Suppliers Monitoring

Among the SRC Network activities, the control of pricing, of logistics and of suppliers general performances are considered of priority level. Suppliers are continuously monitored to guarantee that the terms of the signed contracts of supply are fully satisfied and, when necessary, requests for corrective actions to match the expectations are presented.  

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